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Sekilas tentang Pro ENGINEER

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Pro/ENGINEER (commonly referred to as Pro/E or Pro) is a parametric feature-based three-dimensional Solid modeling CAD software created by Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC).


1 Overview
2 Modules
2.1 Foundation modules


Pro/ENGINEER is a mechanical engineering and design CAD tool capable of creating complex 3D models, assemblies, and 2D measured drawings; it does not support architectural or civil engineering practices. It originally caused a major change in the CAD industry when first released by introducing the concept of Parametric Modeling. Rather than models being constructed like a mound of clay with pieces being added or removed to make changes, the user constructs the model as a list of features, which are stored by the program and can be used to change the model by modifying, reordering, or removing them.

Pro/ENGINEER outputs consist of solid model data for tooling and rapid prototyping, CNC manufacturing, and finite element analysis. A product and its entire Bill of Materials can be modeled accurately with fully associative engineering drawings, and revision control information. It is compatible with Unix-variants, Windows and Linux operating systems. All data is interchangeable between these platforms without conversion.

PTC have also released a version of the program called Pro/DESKTOP that is marketed towards small businesses and schools who want to incorporate a low-cost CAD package to their curriculum.


A typical Pro/ENGINEER software package is made up of different modules, customizable to the customer's specific needs. In the past years some of the modules like Pro/SURFACE and Pro/SHEETMETAL have been integrated into the basic Pro/E offerings. For example, if a company specialized in the design of wire harnesses for the automotive industry, they would want to purchase the Pro/CABLING and Pro/HARNESS-MFG modules.

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